Drag and drop apps from the list into your flow. You should have at least one trigger and one action component in your flow.


Connect components by drawing a line from an output port of a trigger component  to an input port of an action component .


A. Connect your account in all the components in your flow.

Click a component and then click on "Add new account" in the inspector in the right panel.

B. Set your app details by clicking on your components and filling the form in the inspector.

Note that you can use data from your connected components by clicking on the select icon .

And finally, run your flow by clicking on the "Start Flow" button in the toolbar.

Note that it can take up to five minutes before your triggers start collecting data from your cloud applications. Check the Analytics page for real-time overview of all data going through your flows. You cannot edit your flow while it is running. Stop your flow to make edits and restart it once you're done editing.